Litigation Support

Litigation Support

We work with the legal team throughout the litigation process, from prefiling to trial or facilitating settlement. We assist with streamlining discovery; identifying red flags and financial issues; drafting questions for interrogatories, depositions and direct and cross examination; and preparing for trial. Where applicable, we recommend and, if permitted, meet with opposing experts to collaborate/negotiate in an effort to eliminate areas of disagreement and reduce trial costs. Expert services also include preparation of expert reports; rebuttal of opposing expert work product and reports; expert testimony and various other litigation support services.

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In a recent case surrounding an employment agreement dispute in Albany, NY, the Award of the Arbitrator stated,

“Pamela Wickes, a Certified Public Accountant and Certified in Financial Forensics testified on behalf of the Claimants that …, without any increase in Claimants’ compensation. She testified that the damage for Claimants combined was $1,700,000, including interest. Her analysis was extremely persuasive and detailed and she was highly credible in reaching her conclusion.”

The Arbitrator concluded the Respondent (employer) breached its agreement with the two Claimants and damages were awarded based on Wickes’ testimony and economic damages calculations.