Financial Infidelities: how will you follow up on suspicion?

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December 18, 2014
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February 15, 2015
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Financial Infidelities: how will you follow up on suspicion?

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You probably know how commonplace it is for divorcing couples or business partners to claim that their spouse or partner is hiding money from them. With tips now on the Internet giving easy ways to hide money, it’s logical for many to assume financial infidelity?

But how will you know? If you are an individual with a pending divorce or separation who suspects financial infidelity, or perhaps legal counsel to a client who believes they have an issue, what steps do you have in place to get beyond the suspicion and find actual proof?

Often times, you won’t get to the bottom of the allegations without engaging a forensic accountant to investigate the issue(s).  If you’re already doing this, kudos to you for saving yourself or your client a lot of unwarranted fears. Or for those unfortunate spouses or partners who have been deceived, you know that enlisting a forensic accountant to uncover the hidden assets may have been the difference in your case to obtain the equitable share of the secreted monies.

My thoughts here were prompted by my recent read of the blog post “Greed or Ignorance – Which Costs More?” Check it out to help you achieve a reasonable outcome.

I am always available to discuss the ways we can help in these situations, even if we aren’t ultimately retained.